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Our mission is to inspire and mobilize the community to support relentless innovation in research, teaching and care at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, an internationally-renowned pediatric center providing highly-specialized healthcare.


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A special thank you in honour of National Volunteer Week

The Children's Foundation is grateful to be able to count on the generosity of our volunteers and of a whole community to help give sick children in Quebec back their fighting spirit. Find out how your acts of kindness inspire us in this thank you video.

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You help give Agathe a fighting chance

Agathe’s life has been touched by dozens of medical professionals at the Children’s, who provided unparalleled medical expertise and who truly listened and welcomed us as partners in care. Agathe’s triumph is your triumph too.

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Santé to Life: Cheers to the $28,267 Raised for the Children’s Young Patients

A virtual cocktail class to help some of the sickest children in Quebec: The Children’s Foundation is proud to announce that the first edition of Santé to Life, held on March 25, 2021, raised $28,267 for the Children’s Healthy Kids Fund.

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