The HealthyKids Fund

Because the medical experts know best

None of us can predict the future, particularly when it comes to treating children in a hospital setting. Not just in terms of what can happen next year or next month, but what can happen tomorrow.

On any given day, an infant, child or teenager under their care may require treatment that wasn’t anticipated, and providing that care may mean the difference between life and death. At times such as these, the Healthy Kids Fund is essential to help bring a child back to health.

And we can do this thanks to you!

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By supporting the Healthy Kids Fund, you provide the hospital with the flexibility to direct funds where they are needed most, when they are needed most. Donations may be used to purchase life-saving medical equipment or fund research into childhood diseases, such as diabetes and cancer. Teaching the next generation of doctors and nurses, and helping families facing financial difficulties due to their child’s hospitalization are other important priorities that depend on your generosity.

Your donation is vital to the Hospital's success as a world leader in pediatric healthcare. When you make a donation to the healthy Kids Fund to support the Hospital’s most urgent needs, you help transform care for countless of patients and their families.