Organize an Event

You want to put the fun into fundraising? You’re not alone. We can help you organize your event!

A softball tournament, a benefit breakfast, a barbecue, a dinner-dance, a golf tournament... Have you got a great idea to benefit sick children and their families and want to mobilize your network of friends? You can count on us to help you make your event shine!

We can guide you and answer your questions about how to organize your own event. Read through our FAQ.

Often times, funds are raised through ticket sales – but not always. It’s also possible to raise funds through auctions, by partnering with sponsors, or by asking participants to solicit friends and family. You can also create your own fundraising webpage.
Although it is allowed, one of the best ways to help the Montreal Children’s Hospital is by helping raise funds for the Healthy Kids Fund. When you support the Healthy Kids Fund, you’re helping to make sure kids in all areas of the Hospital get better care, whether through new equipment, paying for training, important projects, etc. Because, when it comes to knowing what’s needed, we feel the medical experts know best.
We cannot solicit them on your behalf but we can certainly provide you with an authorization letter, demonstrating to potential sponsors that you are fundraising for a good cause and have the support of the Foundation.
We will post your event on our online event calendar that is prominent on our website. Please note we cannot contact the media on your behalf, issue a press release, find a celebrity spokesperson or purchase any advertising to promote the event.
We can provide you with limited amounts of promotional material, including posters, banners, balloons and donation cans. We can also give you a sample timeline to help you organize your event.
It depends on your event. Donors may be entitled to receive a full or partial tax receipt for their contributions. For more information about what types of donations are eligible, check out the Revenue Canada guidelines online. You won't have to worry about issuing the tax receipts: we'll take care of it!
A permit is needed if you wish to organize a raffle or lottery, or sell alcohol. If you require one of these permits, please speak to Alessia, the Foundation coordinator responsible for your event.
The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation’s insurance policy coverage does not extend to third-party events. You must take out a special event insurance policy under your own name.

I'm ready! Where do I start?

You need to fill our Event Application Form. Once we receive the completed form, you can expect to hear from Alessia, our Special Events Coordinator, within one week to discuss the details of your event. For further information, please contact our Special Events team.

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