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As a donor to the Children’s, you have the possibility of making a one–time donation online or by calling us at 514-934-4846, or giving monthly through a preauthorized credit card or bank credit.


If you wish to deepen your philanthropic commitment, please consider planning your gift.

It is within everyone’s reach and it doesn’t cost more to do so while you meet your notary. It is as simple as including one line in your will: e.g., “I give $____ to the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, Charitable Registration #11892-1543 RR0001”. All donations received will be used to help transform care for sick children and fund research.
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The Children’s is like an insurance policy, offering the best outcome to all kids, your children and grandchildren included.
You can transform care for children by donating either a paid-up insurance policy or an existing policy under which the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation becomes an irrevocable beneficiary, on which you pay the premiums. You can also name the Foundation as the beneficiary of one of your existing life insurance policies.
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You want to initiate a personal, family or community project while supporting our young patients for a long time to come? Consider creating an endowment fund which allows for future generations to participate as well.
Your endowed fund, established through a signed 10-year contract, means a portion of the income and interest generated by the money you will have deposited will be distributed annually in support of a project designated by you in the endowment contract.
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Do you care deeply about the future of all children and want to ensure their health as well as your financial security without having to worry about managing your investments? A charitable gift annuity may be for you. If you have a valuable asset, we can help you fulfil your wish to use it to make a donation to the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation and obtain an annuity that will guarantee you a stable income for a specified period, usually for life.
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If you have already made the decision to make a planned gift to the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, it would be our pleasure to thank you for your amazing commitment and answer any questions you may have.

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