Help keep training the best minds


of the next generation of physicians from the McGill University Faculty of medicine are taught here.

The Montreal Children’s Hospital is the pediatric teaching hospital of the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University, one of North America’s top universities. 100% of tomorrow’s medical leaders come to learn from the best and brightest in their respective fields and many choose to continue their careers with the hospital.

The transmission of knowledge from one generation of physicians to the next is the cornerstone upon which the Children’s international reputation for exceptional care is built. You can help make sure recognizing the importance of providing the best training for the next generation of medical professionals, proceeds from this year’s tournament will go to fund the Wendy McDonald Chair in Pediatric Medical Education in the Department of Pediatrics at McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine.

Give access to high knowledge to families like Isaiah and Micah

Four-year-old Isaiah and two-and-a-half-year-old Micah live with a potentially-life-threatening adrenal insufficiency that brings them to the Montreal Children’s Hospital for regular hormone replacement therapy.

While the two boys are patients of pediatric endocrinologist, Dr. Preetha Krishnamoorthy, they are also helping to train future generations of physicians. Dr. Krishnamoorthy is a dedicated clinical practitioner, but as director of pediatric undergraduate education at the Children’s, she is also a tireless teacher. “Teaching happens everywhere at the Children’s,” says Dr. Krishnamoorthy. “Preparing the next generation of physicians is an integral part of the core mission of the hospital and it involves everyone. We work hard at different levels to promote teaching.”

Among her greatest admirers is Isaiah and Micah’s mother, Paula, who has often had occasion to observe that her doctor is rarely alone. “She always has lots of students with her.” In addition to students, she’ll often bring other physicians and nurses, therapists and technicians. Paula says she and her family appreciate that the doctor to her two children maintains close contacts both within and outside the confines of the Children’s. “It has been a great comfort to us that Preetha is part of such a great network of professionals and students.”

World-renowned for the quality of its care, the Children’s is equally renowned for the quality of its teaching. As the only pediatric teaching hospital for McGill University’s Faculty of medicine, the Children’s has trained generations of the healthcare professionals. Under the 30-year tenure of department’s clerkship co-ordinator, the late Dr. Wendy Macdonald, the department of pediatrics became a widely recognized as a leader and innovator in medical education. Her influence was such that an academic Chair in Pediatric Medical Education was created in her honour so that others may continue her pioneering work. As Dr. Macdonald’s successor, Dr. Krishnamoorthy is dedicated to making sure the students acquire the best knowledge about the unique practice of pediatric care.

As she makes her rounds, bringing her patients and students together, helping each benefit from the other, Dr. Krishnamoorthy reinforces the culture and values that have made the Montreal Children’s a leading pediatric Hospital. “There are so many great people at the children’s. All have a commitment to teaching and life-long learning”.