Grateful Parents. Grateful Donors.

June 10, 2010. For most people, it was just another day. For Cara Cameron and Christopher Richter, it was one of the most frightening days of their lives.

On that day, Cara gave birth to their first child, Imogen. Within minutes of the birth, they knew Imogen was in trouble. She had a rare congenital heart defect, the transposition of the great arteries. Without immediate attention, the prognosis was grim. Imogen was rushed by ambulance to the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Attending physicians assured the anxious parents their daughter would receive some of the best care in the world. And they were right.

Imogen immediately went into surgery to correct her serious condition. A second surgery followed seven days later. Happily, after three weeks in the hospital, she went home to her relieved parents.

But this would not be the only time the couple needed the Children’s. In 2012, their second daughter, Eleanor, was born. At age two, a blood test showed that Eleanor had stopped producing red blood cells — another potentially serious condition. Again, the Children’s was there for them. Fortunately, Eleanor’s condition was temporary, and, after a blood transfusion, she went on to full recovery.

Cara and Chris are profoundly grateful to the Children’s.

As Cara says, “The staff there is extraordinary. Not only did they save Imogen’s life, they cared for us as well.” The medical teams who followed up with their children were first rate. Competent, caring, effective, the family could not have asked for better support. Chris is clear, “At the most stressful times of our lives, the Children’s was there for us. I can’t imagine what we would have done without it.” High praise indeed, from people who know.

Today, both Imogen and Eleanor are happy, healthy children who are doing well in every way. Together, the family enjoys camping, canoeing, skiing, tennis, and playing card games. Given the excellent health care their children received, it is perhaps no surprise that Cara and Chris have remembered the Children’s Foundation with a gift in their wills.

As lawyers, they know the importance of having a well-prepared estate plan including a will. As parents, they wanted to give back and for their children to remember all that the Children’s has done for them. Both agree, “We were so fortunate and grateful to have had the Children’s there for us when we needed help the most.”

Cara and Chris have left their future gift undesignated. They know that it will be used where the need is greatest at the time. Their only wish is that the Children’s continues to provide excellent health care for future generations. They want the Children’s to be there for everyone, every time.

The work we do is even more in the spotlight given the extraordinary times our people are living through. However, thanks to the generous support of our donors, the Children’s Hospital is well prepared to meet the needs of children like Imogen and Eleanor.

The  Children’s saves lives.

You too can join Cara and Christopher in helping with this essential work. Would you please consider remembering the Children’s Foundation with a gift in your own estate plans? A legacy of any amount can help to ensure that the Hospital’s outstanding health care and support to families in need will continue.