The Children’s Legacy Challenge


Taking care of children, now and in the future.

You can leave a meaningful legacy by making a planned gift to The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. Furthermore, this gift for tomorrow can have an impact today! For a limited time, you can see an immediate impact by confirming your legacy gift to The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation: 20 percent of your gift’s value will be matched and put to use right now.

To participate

  1. Designate The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation as a beneficiary in your Will, your charitable remainder trust, or your Life Insurance policy.
  2. Tell us about your gift by completing the Legacy Challenge Gift Confirmation Form.
  3. Choose one of the Children’s top 6 priorities.


Fill out confirmation form

Amplify your impact without spending a penny more!

By taking part in the Legacy Challenge, you will see the immediate benefits of your donation on the lives of our young patients and the impact your legacy will have on future generations of sick children and their families.

Thank you for planning a brighter, healthier future in healthcare by adding The Montreal Children’s Hospital to your estate plan. Your generosity will help our young patients regain their boundless energy for years to come.


Important information

Legal name: The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation
Charitable registration number: 11892 1543 RR0001

If you have any questions regarding legacy giving or have already made a bequest to the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Our planned giving team will be happy to assist you and recognize your generosity in making this meaningful gift.  

Samar El Soufi
Senior Gift Planner
514 934-4846, extension 29226
Susan Elias
Director, Principal Gifts and Planned Giving
514 569-7805

We strongly encourage you to discuss your plans with your family and seek advice from legal, estate planning, and/or financial professionals when making decisions regarding your Will.

Legacy Advisors Committee

This Advisory Committee is comprised of professionals in fields related to estate planning who share the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation’s commitment to advancing philanthropy by educating the public on tax-wise and values-based planning.

All LAC members are volunteers in Montreal who have a solid experience in the areas of accounting, law, financial planning, taxes, trust management, and other related domains.

We thank our Legacy Advisory Board for contributing their time and expertise with the Children’s community.

For our Donors: should you wish to contact any of our LAC members, let them know you found their coordinates through the Children’s.


Philip Belec
President, Ben-Jac Capital Inc.
514 933-8555
Judith Feig
Financial Security Advisor, Feig Financial Services
514 393-3264
David Forest
President, David Forest Financial Services
514 866-3838
Jamie Friedman
President at James Friedman & Associates Inc.
514 489-7707
Barry Grossman
President and CEO at BMG Insurance & Financial Services
Larry Joseph
President at Lawrence Joseph Associates Ltd
514 582-0111
Christine Lengvari
President and CEO, Lengvari Financial Inc.
514 871-1808


Rhonda Rudick
Lawyer, Davies’ Private Client and Tax Practices
514 841-6525
Eric White
Associate, Davies’ Private Client and Tax Practices


Chantal Crevier
Notary, Private Practice
514 389-0154
Kevork Kevorkian
Notary – Partner of Levy Salis
T: 514 940 8070 C: 514 381 9001
Liat Lev Ary
Notary at Judicia
514-853-5707 Ext 225
Johanne Viau
Notary, Private Practice
514 605-5254


Howard Epstein
Partner, Assurance and Accounting at MNP
514 861-9724
Kenneth Lee
Executive Vice President and Director, Sherbrooke Street Capital
(514) 891-7957
Mindy Mayman
Partner at Richter Family Office (Wealth Management)
514 934-3562


Matthew Borden
Investment Associate, Scotia Wealth Management, Borden Weinstock Group
T 514.287.2978 M 514.591.9781
Donna Killen
Investment Advisor at Holliswealth
514 694-8689
Michelle Liu
Investment Advisor at CIBC Wood Gundy
514 392-4823


Antoine Natale
Portfolio Manager at Raymond James Investment Counsel Ltd
514 288-2244
Nektarios Pouliezos
Investment Advisor, BMO Nesbitt Burns
514 282-5929
Helen Tyros
Dealing Representative & Business Development at PearTree

Thank you for taking the time to read these examples and for considering a legacy gift that will help sustain The Children’s far into the future.


Example 1

Richard would like to make a lasting impact with a legacy gift of $100,000 to the Children’s.

He confirms his commitment by completing the Legacy Challenge Campaign form and expresses his desire to champion research, one of the six key hospital priorities.

Here's the exciting part: 20% of his generous donation will be promptly matched. That means $20,000 from the Matching Pool is immediately directed to the hospital, fortifying current research initiatives.

But the impact doesn't end there:  

Richard’s legacy gift will ensure future support to sustain the Children’s, according to his instructions outlined in his last will and testament.

Richard’s total impact? A remarkable $120,000.


Example 2

Marie would like to make a lasting impact with a legacy gift of $3,000,000 to the Children’s.

She confirms her commitment by completing the Legacy Challenge Campaign form and expresses her desire to support mental health, one of the six key hospital priorities.

As a result 20% of her generous donation will be promptly matched up to a maximum of $200,000. That means $200,000 from the Matching Pool is immediately directed to the hospital for current mental health initiatives.

But the impact doesn’t end there:

Marie’s legacy gift will ensure future support to sustain the Children’s in accordance with her instructions, outlined in her last will and testament.

Marie's total impact? An incredible $3,200,000.

1. The Healthy Kids Fund

None of us can predict the future, particularly when it comes to treating children in a Hospital setting. On any given day, an infant, child, or teenager may require treatment that wasn’t anticipated, and providing that care may mean the difference between life and death. By supporting the Healthy Kids Fund, you give the Hospital the flexibility to direct funds where they are needed most, including direct help for families facing financial hardship due to their child’s illness or hospitalization.

2. Innovation to Fuel the Medicine of Tomorrow

Care and treatments today began with a vision in a laboratory. Investing in research, new technologies, and training the next generation of pediatric professionals will help to ensure that the next big discoveries happen. Furthermore, The Children’s will be able to attract and retain the best talent to care for our young patients.

3. Enhancing The Children’s Healing Environment

The Children’s focus on family and patient-centered care means that we put our children and their families first. From child life services to an art program designed to transform what a pediatric hospital can be, there are numerous opportunities to calm, educate, and entertain our young patients during difficult moments.

4. Specialized Care for Quebec’s Sickest Children

As a tertiary and quaternary pediatric hospital and a Level-1 trauma centre, The Children’s treats Quebec’s sickest babies, children, and adolescents. Our expert surgical teams perform more than 7,000 specialized procedures each year, while our ambulatory clinics receive 100,000 patient visits annually. Together we will ensure that our dedicated health professionals always have the tools they need to give every sick child the best chance of recovery or survival.

5. The Best Care for Moms and their Babies

With its state-of-the-art birthing centre, obstetrics program, and 52-bed neonatal intensive care unit, all on one floor, The Children’s offers the complete range of care for high-risk pregnancies, and for critically ill and premature newborns. Your support will make a difference in this quickly advancing field, leading to better outcomes and innovative ways to treat our most fragile patients.

6. Behavioural and Mental Health

According to the Canadian Paediatric Society, 20% of Canadian children and youth will experience mental illness. The Children’s is at the forefront of this major health issue, with programs and services to address teens in crisis, eating disorders, neurodevelopmental challenges, and the unique needs of ASD (autism spectrum disorder) patients. Your gift will support the resources, tools, and space necessary to optimize every level of care.

Altruism: the ultimate symbol of success

Mitch Garber, C.M., and Anne-Marie Boucher on their moral obligation to help those in need.

Today, according to Mitch Garber, C.M., society deems a person successful based on material wealth, possessions, and career accomplishments. However, Mr. Garber and Anne-Marie Boucher say genuine success is less about accumulation and more about altruism. The couple strongly believes they have a moral obligation to share their good fortune.

Mr. Garber and Mrs. Boucher give their time and f inancial support to various causes, including The Children’s Foundation.

“We are extremely fortunate to live in a city, province, and country with the world’s highest living standards,” explained Mr. Garber. “And yes, we pay a lot of taxes. But our taxes only go so far. Take the health care system; our taxes pay for basic care. Individuals need to supplement those taxes to ensure excellent care.”

Mr. Garber points out that the world-class care and expertise found at The Children’s are largely thanks to donations from the community.

Join the revolution

Mr. Garber and Mrs. Boucher recently joined The Children’s Foundation’s Legacy Challenge by making the Foundation the beneficiary of their life insurance policies. The couple believes this will help improve the health and well-being of sick children in the future, plus the Legacy Challenge allows them to have a meaningful impact on the lives of young patients today.

“The Legacy Challenge, with its matching 20%, is unique. It is also an easy way to give back to your community and help children and families,” says Mrs. Boucher. “Don’t let updating your will or insurance policy dissuade you. It is easy to do. The team at The Children’s can walk you through the steps.”

Leave a legacy; make a difference

Mr. Garber and Mrs. Boucher believe that everyone can give back to society to help those in need, no matter their financial status. Even modest gifts make a big difference. The couple encourages everyone to make altruism a core value to create a society where generosity, compassion, and kindness are symbols of success and a life well-lived.


The Legacy Challenge, a family affair

In 1993, Christine underwent an innovative surgery at The Children’s to repair a hole in her heart. Years later, her father, Greg Rokos. decided to donate both time and financial resources to ensure sick children from across Quebec benefit from the same high standard of care that profoundly impacted his family.

Mr. Rokos, current member of The Children’s Foundation Board of Directors and Campaign Cabinet, is participating in The Children’s Legacy Challenge. He has signalled his intent to leave a donation, or ‘bequest’ in his will.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Children’s Legacy Challenge Campaign?
The Children’s Legacy Challenge Campaign uses matching dollars to inspire donors to create or confirm legacy gifts, such as gifts in Will or gifts of life insurance policies, to support a healthier tomorrow for our young patients.

How does the Legacy Challenge work?
When you confirm your legacy gift to benefit The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, 20% (up to a maximum of $200,000) of the value of your gift is matched right now. You can designate the matching gift to one of The Children’s top 6 priorities: The Healthy Kids Fund; Innovation to Fuel the Medicine of Tomorrow; Enhancing The Children’s Healing Environment; Specialized Care for Quebec’s Sickest Children; Best Care for Moms and their Babies; and Behavioural and Mental Health for Children and Teenagers.

Which donations qualify for The Children’s Legacy Challenge?
Legacy gifts eligible for matching funds include gifts in a will, gifts of life insurance policies, charitable remainder trusts, and charitable gift annuities.

How do I confirm my estate gift for the Legacy Challenge?
It’s simple! Please return the Legacy Challenge Gift Confirmation Form to The Foundation, which is included in this page. Should you wish, you can provide an excerpt of your will, a copy of your life insurance policy, or other documents related to your gift intention.

If I have already confirmed a future estate gift with The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, will it qualify for The Children’s Legacy Challenge?
Thank you for confirming your legacy gift with the Foundation. The Legacy Challenge Campaign is meant to encourage the creation of new legacy gifts or to inform The Foundation about previously established but unreported legacy gifts. However, if you have already informed us that you have made a bequest to The Foundation but have not communicated the details of this bequest and are willing to do so now, we will recognize this amount for the match. If you have already informed us of a bequest but would like to increase the value of that gift, the increased amount will be considered for the match.

Where can I designate my matching gift funds?
You can change or save a child’s life by designating your matching gift to one of The Children’s top 6 priorities: Healthy Kids Fund; Innovation to Fuel the Medicine of Tomorrow; Enhancing The Children’s Healing Environment; Specialized Care for Quebec’s Sickest Children; Best Care for moms and their babies; and Behavioural and Mental Health.

How long does The Children’s Legacy Challenge Campaign last?
The Legacy Challenge Campaign will last until December 31, 2026, or when all matching dollars are spent.

If I designate my legacy gift to a fund or program not listed among the 6 top priorities, will my investment still be eligible for the gift match?
Yes, your legacy gift can be directed to any area or program approved by the Hospital. Only the matching gift will be allocated to one of the six main priorities. We will be happy to guide you in your choices.

How can I provide for my family and at the same time support The Children’s?
Many people set aside part of their estate to support The Children’s, ensuring that the majority of the estate goes to their nearest and dearest.

Do I have to decide on a specific dollar amount for my legacy gift today?
Many people opt for leaving a gift as a percentage of their estate, allowing the gift to adjust to future changes. For the Legacy Challenge campaign, we recommend you provide us with your best estimate of the value of your estate, or your legacy gift so that we can calculate the matching gift of 20%.

What if the value of my legacy gift exceeds $1,000,000? Do I qualify for more than the maximum $200,000 in matching funds?
Thank you for your exceptional generosity. Your extraordinary gift will strengthen our ability to support The Children’s for many years to come. The maximum matching fund available for a single gift is $200,000.

Who made the Legacy Challenge Campaign possible?
Current major donors and undesignated bequests have contributed to the Matching Pool of $5 million. These donors believe in The Children’s mission and invest to support sick children now and well into the future.