Congratulations to the Recipients of the 2020 Awards of Excellence!


In these uncertain times, the Children’s has distinguished itself by embracing innovation, adaptability, and a willingness to meet each challenge in order to provide world-class care to its young patients and their families, while prioritizing everyone’s safety. We are therefore doubly proud and grateful to present The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation’s 21st Awards of Excellence to staff members and a volunteer, who, through their actions and dedication, contribute to the wellbeing of our patients and their parents when they need comfort and support more than ever.

This year, exceptionally, we hosted a series of virtual peer recognition events, celebrating the honorees exceptional work in finding novel ways to heal and helping sick children get back on their feet, causing just a bit of mayhem. 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our valued sponsors who make these awards possible:  DGDM Family Foundation, The Gustav Levinschi Foundation, National Bank, Pfizer Canada and TD Bank Group. Your generous contribution helps the Children’s give its young patients back their fighting spirit.

Congratulations to all!

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Jonathan Amiel
Recipient of the DGDM Family Foundation Community Leadership and Volunteer Award of Excellence

Jonathan Amiel

As Chairman of the Board of the Children’s Foundation from 2015 to 2019, Jonathan Amiel helped to prepare the organization’s future by grooming the philanthropic leaders of tomorrow. As member of both the Foundation’s Honourary Council and of the Campaign Cabinet for its new $200 million campaign, Unexpected Ways to Heal, Jonathan applies the skills that make him a successful entrepreneur to support the Children’s.

“Philanthropy is the same principle as investing in business. If you can make a difference and improve patient outcomes in one area, it creates an opportunity to innovate in new ones.”


Sharon Taylor-Ducharme
Recipient of the Gustav Levinschi Nursing Award of Excellence

Sharon Taylor-Ducharme

Nurse Manager of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Sharon greatly contributed to the restructuring of the Children’s largest inpatient unit. Asserting the importance of processes and developing the tools to implement them is the primary mission of this nurse who enjoys being close to the families.

“My colleagues, the parents and our little patients are what make me come to work each day. Every day, I see instances of courage and resilience. They are a lesson in humility.”


Frédéric De Civita
Recipient of The Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation Professional Staff Award of Excellence

Frédéric De Civita

Frédéric plays a vital role that affects the lives of many families at the Children’s. Now Associate Director of Multidisciplinary Services and Support Programs, he is behind every recent major reform at the Children’s. With his emphasis on the importance of collaboration, he does not take all the credit for these successes:

“The administrators and clinicians are the real experts, and they’re constantly demonstrating their creativity and flexibility. I bring everyone together, maximizing their strengths, but I couldn’t do it without them.”


Margaret Kula
Recipient of The Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation Administrative and Clinical Support Staff Award of Excellence

Margaret Kula

As an administrative officer in the Children’s Day Hospital for the last seven years, Margaret plays the role of “conductor” to ensure the clinic runs smoothly. Every day, she facilitates the doctors and nurses’ workload and has been known to move mountains for her young patients.

“Now that I’m a mother myself, I’m even more inclined to put myself in the parents’ shoes. I go the extra mile no matter the challenge that comes my way.”


Dr. Hema Patel
Recipient of the National Bank Medical Award of Excellence

Dr. Hema Patel

Dr. Patel has dedicated her career to fragile patients with very complex conditions, and will not hesitate to disrupt the status quo when it serves their best interests. She strives constantly to innovate , successfully rallying the four institutions serving Quebec's pediatric clientele around a home care project, giving families greater autonomy.

“The contact with patients and their families keeps me going. They teach me what true dedication looks like. They push me to innovate to find better ways to do things.”


Dr. Christine McCusker
Recipient of the Pfizer Research Award of Excellence

Dr. Christine McCusker

With an unparalleled passion for her work, Dr. McCusker has led her team to achieving positive clinical research outcomes, helping to cure children of their food allergies. Following this success, Dr. McCusker helped establish a transdisciplinary centre for biotherapeutics (CTTB) – the first of its kind in Canada –– to study the long-term effects of biological therapies on children.

“The pandemic has heightened the importance of the CTTB. Viruses like SARS and COVID-19 will occur again so we need to plan now, to be prepared to provide the best response.”


Administrative Staff of Ambulatory Services Clinics
Recipients of the TD Bank Group Teamwork Award of Excellence


Going to the hospital for your child is a stressful experience, full of uncertainty. Fortunately, every day the Children’s Ambulatory Services Clinics administrative staff is there to ensure families have the best possible experience. As front-line workers, they play a critical role for the 25 Hospital’s specialized clinics.

“Our priority is giving each family a warm welcome and ensuring they get all the help, support and attention they need, just like we did before the pandemic.”

*Absent in the photo: Kristine Hamilton and Monique Maille.