Most Urgent Needs at the Montreal Children's Emergency Department

Dear Friends,

All of us are facing enormous challenges right now, the likes we have never seen before. One of the best ways we get through difficulty is to reach out and help.

Today, we are asking you to join us in giving generously to the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation toward Most Urgent Needs at the Montreal Children's Emergency Department.

The doctors, nurses and other staff are working 24/7. They are not only dealing with the possibility of Covid-19 cases but also the myriad of other illnesses and injuries that present themselves daily. They are heroes all year long and especially right now! The Montreal Children’s Hospital has one of the busiest Emergency Departments in North America. Now, it is gearing up for the challenges that lay ahead as children become affected by Covid-19.

We want to keep our children healthy and safe and protect them and their families. To do this, we must also protect the Emergency Department team, so that they can continue to function beyond full capacity and care for our children. We can make this happen by supporting the Montreal Children's Emergency Department, and ensuring that they have all the tools and equipment required. Please join us and give to this special hospital, today.

Thank you so much,

Barbara & Stanley Plotnick