How to prevent mental health problems in youth

Due to the pandemic, there has been an alarming rise in the number of teenagers presenting with mental health issues. When many teens turn to the Hospital for help, many more may be suffering in silence.

How to help a child 

Possible warning signs of distress include mood changes (sadness or irritability), changes in sleep or appetite, lack of interest in usual activities, decreased in school performance, isolation, self-deprecating comments or talking about death as a solution. If you are worried for your child, start by talking with your family doctor.

Melodie's dream

With an unprecedented increase in the number of teens struggling with mental health issues in Quebec, Melodie, a member of our Young Ambassadors' Club, has one wish: that all mental health problems would go away.

When she grows up, Melodie wants to be a doctor or a nurse at the Children's to help children struggling with their mental health. For her 11th birthday, the Young Ambassador raised more than $3000 to help the Children's young patients regain their fighting spirit.

“What I want more than anything in the world is for children, teenagers, adults and seniors to get better,” she says.