Congratulations to the recipients of the 2023 Awards of Excellence

Prix d'Excellence 2023- Awards of Excellence 2023

It is with pride and gratitude that The Children's Foundation presented its 24th Awards of Excellence to Hospital staff and community leaders who contribute every day to the wellbeing of patients and their parents through their actions, team spirit and dedication.

Held on May 31st in the Hospital’s P.K. Subban Atrium, the recognition ceremony celebrated the honourees’ exceptional work in helping The Children’s find Unexpected Ways to Heal and get young patients back on their feet.

This year’s Awards recipients are:


We extend our heartfelt thanks to our valued partners, American Iron & Metal (AIM), McCall MacBain Foundation, National Bank, Pfizer, and Sun Life Canada, for making these awards possible. Their confidence in The Children’s allows us to remain on the cutting edge of pediatric care in Quebec.

Congratulations to all!

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Eating Disorder Program Team, recipient of the American Iron & Metal Teamwork Award of Excellence

Led by Dr. Holly Agostino, the multidisciplinary team in the Eating Disorders Program at The Children's goes to great lengths to better understand eating disorders and ensure that their interventions are tailored to young people and their families. The Children's was the first Hospital in Quebec to offer certified family-centred treatment, which has become the standard of excellence for treating eating disorders in North America.

Congratulations to this fantastic team: Dr. Holly Agostino, Peggy Alcindor, Dr. Jason Bond, Sally Cooke, Dr. Alon Coret, Dr. Giosi Di Meglio, Dr. Julius Erdstein, Dr. Patricia Hammes, Emma Kruger, Dr. Maya Leitner, Dr. Suzanna MacDonald, Dr. Lara Mallo, Dr. David Martens, Sue Mylonopoulos, Shari Segal, and Dr. Catherine Serra Poirrier.


Dr. Laurie Plotnick, recipient of the National Bank Medical Award of Excellence

Dr. Plotnick leads The Children's remarkable pediatric emergency team. Thanks to her exceptional leadership and compassion, this award-winner inspires the 135 members of her team during major crises such as the pandemic and the respiratory virus epidemic.

Attentive and sensitive to anything that can strengthen the group, Dr. Plotnick is also a visionary teacher: her innovative program, recognized by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, recruits retired physicians as teachers and mentors. Congratulations, Dr. Plotnick, on this well-deserved honour!


Mila, recipient of the McCall MacBain Foundation Nicolas W. Matossian Junior Community Award of Excellence

Mila is a young patient at The Children's whose courage and perseverance are a source of inspiration. This cheerful child suffers from idiopathic transverse myelitis, a rare and incurable disease. For the past six and a half years, Mila has been receiving physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions one after the other, continuing her rehabilitation with the hope of one day being able to take part in activities like other children.

Mila and her family actively contribute to The Children's cause. Earlier this year, Mila was given an unexpected opportunity: to accompany her idol, P.K. Subban, at the tribute paid to him by the Canadiens. She was greeted by cheers and applause. Well done again, Mila!


Dr. Geneviève Bernard, recipient of the Pfizer Research Award of Excellence

During her residency in neuropediatrics at McGill, Dr. Bernard discovered her passion for leukodystrophies, neurodegenerative diseases, the majority of which have no cure. An international reference in the field, this specialist clinical researcher discovered the first gene for a type of hypomyelinating leukodystrophy.

Dr. Bernard founded the MyeliNeuroGene research group, which aims to find new treatments and pave the way for therapeutic trials such as gene therapy. Together with her team, she is making a significant difference to the quality of life of her patients and their families. Congratulations!


The Honorable L. Yves Fortier, recipient of the Sun Life Community Leadership and Volunteer Award of Excellence

Mr. Fortier, Canada's former ambassador to the United Nations, has held the highest civil offices, chaired numerous boards of directors, and received the highest distinctions. In 2019, he has agreed to serve as Honourary Chairman of The Children's Foundation Campaign Cabinet. His generous support of the $200 million fundraising campaign is helping to finance innovative research, teaching, and healthcare projects at The Children's.

For Mr. Fortier, the health of our children is not an option, but a priority. Thanks to his exceptional philanthropic commitment, he is helping to improve the lives of young patients and their families. Congratulations on this well-deserved honour!


Dr. Sherif Emil, recipient of the Leadership Award of Excellence

An internationally renowned expert in pediatric general and thoracic surgery, surgeon Dr. Emil also holds the Mirella and Lino Saputo Foundation Chair in teaching pediatric surgery and patient-and family-centred care.

Dr. Emil is a pioneer. His vision, energy, and commitment have led to the creation and implementation of many of The Children's flagship programs and countless educational programs that resonate around the world. Among his many accomplishments are his best practices at the bedside, his dedication to education and research, and his humanitarian mission aboard the Mercy Ships. Congratulations, Dr Emil!


Suzel Julien, recipient of the Professional Staff Award of Excellence

From her early days as an audiologist at Children's, Suzel Julien has been helping young patients with hearing loss and their families. The first audiologist in Quebec to perform electrophysiological assessments using tone waves, Suzel has become a provincial reference and has trained several cohorts of audiologists. Finding the best possible solution for young patients and giving them access to the most advanced technologies are just some of her exceptional contributions.

Ms. Julien's expertise has helped the Children's Audiology Department and the Hospital to become the first pediatric Hospital in Canada to assess and fit children with bone-anchored hearing systems. Congratulations again, Suzel.


Sophie Maranda, recipient of the Administrative, Clinical and Technical Support Staff Award of Excellence

Sophie Maranda, Assistant Head of Respiratory Therapy, is fascinated by pediatric anaesthesia, which is performed on young patients of all ages and conditions, from newborns to adolescents. In the operating room, this experienced respiratory therapist knows the importance of adjusting and reacting quickly. Outside the operating room, she ensures that every member of the team feels at ease and has a sense of belonging.

On a daily basis, Sophie looks for ways in which mutual help, support, and training can improve the quality of care and help her team. Finding a balance between her clinical work and administrative tasks is, for her, the best of both worlds. Congratulations, Sophie!


Isabelle St-Sauveur, recipient of the Nursing Award of Excellence

An advanced practice nurse, Isabelle St-Sauveur works daily with three teams at the pediatric day centre: the complex care service, the day Hospital, and the dialysis and apheresis unit. An indispensable resource and invaluable mentor, Isabelle oversees nursing practices and develops services to support home care.

Isabelle's work extends far beyond The Children's. In particular, she has initiated collaborative work between Quebec's four pediatric Hospital centres to standardise pediatric nursing practices and protocols and speed up the implementation of homecare resources. Congratulations, Isabelle, on this well-deserved honour!