We can all be superheroes.


Each week, the Montreal Children's Hospital sees approximately 3,800 young patients with their families. Amongst them are some of the sickest children in the province. These children are superheroes. Their parents are too. But Covid-19 is here and we don’t want to take any risks. Today, you can become a superhero too. Offer a mask and help meet other urgent needs to help care for children and their families!

Thank you to our partners:

Founding Partners $25,000 +


Protectors $15,000 +

Defenders $10,000 +

  • CAE
  • Gerpro Construction
  • John W. Leopold
  • Pierre Simard
  • SAQ
  • Stelpro


Guardian angels $5,000 +

  • Bell Media
  • EY
  • The Jonathan and Susan Wener Family
  • Katrin Nakashima
  • Kevin Kyte
  • Laurentian Bank
  • MicroAge
  • The Richter Charitable Foundation
  • The Willow Fund


Guardians $1,000+

  • Anna Vitasovic
  • Brian Trottenberg and family
  • Brookline Foundation
  • Dr. Charles A. Casey & Mrs. Penny Casey
  • Charles B. & Anne Matheson
  • Christine Smith
  • Corealis Pharma Inc.
  • Daniel Bédard
  • David and Mia Goodman
  • Gilles Rémillard
  • Gisele Fournier
  • Hugues Boivin
  • J. Sebastian van Berkom
  • June and Bob McMartin
  • Lakshmi and Seshadri Sankar
  • Laura and Alan Winer & Peggy and Paul Schachter
  • Layden Family
  • Louise Druckman
  • Marc-André Blain
  • Merle Wertheimer
  • Mingo McEwen & Lois McEwen Fund
  • Paul St-Michel
  • Renée Vézina
  • Revay and Associates Limited
  • S. Boyd & Susan Whittall
  • Ted & Stephanie Kalil and family
  • Valerie and David Shannon
  • Zorina, Richard, Jonathan, Tiffany and Kelly Brotto


The Montreal Children's Hospital (MCH) of the McGill University Health Centre is a tertiary care pediatric teaching hospital affiliated with McGill University. The MCH prides itself on providing patient and family centred care. What makes the Children's unique is the true spirit of the hospital—a wonderful blend of caring, innovation, uncompromising standards, and dedication to public service that has characterized the institution since the beginning. Over the years, the hospital has become known for its wealth of expertise in various fields, particularly cardiology and cardiac surgery, trauma care, neurology and neurosurgery. 

For more information, please contact Marie-Claude Baribeau, Director, Special Events at 514-934-4846, ext. 29208