Awards of Excellence Gala


For nearly 115 years, the Montreal Children’s Hospital has relied on the work of outstanding professionals who go above and beyond to create a unique environment of love, healing and bonding for the Children’s young patients. Every year, this work is recognized through the Awards of Excellence, presented to the hospital personnel and community leaders who set the standards for excellence in their fields.

Candidates are nominated by their coworkers and recipients are selected by a committee, which is composed of their peers.

The nominations are now open!

All nominations must be received by: Friday, December 14th, 2018
The committee may seek further information in order to facilitate the selection process.
For more information, please contact Sylvie Desjardins by email or at 514-934-4846 x29276


Awards are in the amount of $25,000 and will be disbursed as follows: each recipient will receive up to $1,000 to use at his/her discretion and $9,000 will be directed towards an area of need in the hospital chosen by the recipient. The remaining $15,000 will be used to help the hospital meet its most urgent priorities. Each recipient will also receive two complimentary tickets to the Ball for the Children’s.


The 2019 Awards of Excellence will be presented in the P.K. Subban Atrium at the Children’s in May 2019. Recipients will also be honoured at the 2019 Ball for the Children’s.

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The following criteria must be considered when submitting your nomination.

  • Nominees should be members of the Children’s community.
  • Nominees must have made an outstanding contribution to the Children’s and to the health and well-being of young patients and their families.
  • Nominations may be made across all disciplines.
  • Select your nomination from the category descriptions on the page below. The foundation reserves the right to transfer the nominee to a category it deems more appropriate.
  • Please include all pertinent documents including the completed nomination form and two additional endorsements (name and contact information) by peers or hospital staff . You may also include the nominee’s CV or a short bio, should you feel it would strengthen the nomination.

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Awarded to a member of the administrative and clinical support staff who has demonstrated remarkable initiative in improving the well-being of patients and/or in enhancing the quality of life at work.


Awarded to a physician whose exceptional patient care, superior knowledge, teaching skills and accessibility to the hospital community are an inspiration to others.


Awarded to a child or adolescent whose exemplary initiative has made a significant difference to the well-being of his/her peers. The award is named in honour of Nicolas W. Matossian, whose courageous battle with his illness inspired other children to give back.


Awarded to a manager and/or professional staff member whose knowledge and devotion have significantly improved the quality of life and/or quality of care for the children and families that the hospital serves.


Awarded to a researcher from our hospital community whose initiatives have made a unique and significant contribution to pediatric care.


Awarded to a nurse whose dedication to the pediatric mission serves as a model. This recipient has provided outstanding care to children and their families with exceptional knowledge coupled with unique teaching and mentoring abilities.


Awarded to an influential volunteer in the community who has advocated for our hospital and whose contribution to the Children’s has been marked by exceptional leadership and service.


Awarded to the group who exemplifies teamwork and whose knowledge and devotion have significantly improved the quality of life and/or quality of care for the children and families that the hospital serves.

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You can be part of an exclusive group of sponsors for the Awards of Excellence, intended to recognize the outstanding work being done at the Children’s. You will have a unique opportunity to directly deliver the prize to your recipient and meet the most influential members of the Children's community.

Funds raised through the Awards of Excellence go to the Healthy Kids Fund, which supports research, teaching and clinical care.

Seize this wonderful opportunity to invest in the health of children and promote your corporate image.

To sponsor an Award of Excellence or to receive the sponsorship package, please contact Angela Vahaviolos.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Awards of Excellence who were honored on May 10, 2018 during a special ceremony at the P.K. Subban Atrium.

Katrin Nakashima, recipient of the CN Community Leadership and Volunteer Award of Excellence

When she joined the MCHF Board in 2001, she was a grateful adoptive mother who wanted to give back. In 2003, Kathy wrote these fateful words. “You never know who will need the help of the Children’s next.” Tragically, just a few years later, her younger son Justin lost his battle against a severely degenerative neurological disease at the age of six.

Kathy’s commitment to the hospital runs deep on several levels. “I have extensive personal experience with practically every hospital department. And I know the expertise they all bring to the table,” says Kathy.

Kathy presently serves on the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Board of Directors as Vice-Chair and Secretary. She co-Chairs the Investment Committee and sits on the Executive and Governance Committees and Young Leaders’ Circle Advisory Board. She is also a member of the Hospital’s Council for Services to Children and Adolescents (that evaluates priorities, policies and budgets regarding pediatric and adolescent healthcare services) and its Executive Committee. In addition, she acted as Interim President of the MCHF for six months in 2017.

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Anne Choquette, recipient of the Gustav Levinschi Nursing Award of Excellence

Anne Choquette is a clinical nurse specialist in the Hematology- Oncology Division who has 28 years of service at the Children’s.

She is continually looking at new trends in care and bringing expertise to the table to improve the Hospital’s clinical guidelines. With the help of the nursing leadership team, she has mentored dozens of nurses to become highly skilled at their craft; oncology nurses are now amongst the most highly regarded in the hospital thanks to the standards that she and the nursing team established.

Her colleagues call her an “eager-beaver” as she is always looking for ways to improve her skills, and those of her trade. She is driven by a desire to stay ahead of the latest research and translate it into practice, for both the staff and patients. Anne has also published research on improving the back-to-school program for patients who have completed their treatments. Her involvement in the field extends beyond the Children’s as she represents the Hematology-Oncology Division at local and national levels.

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Dr. Christine Saint-Martin, recipient of the National Bank Medical Award of Excellence

The Children’s is renowned internationally for its neurology department and central to its success is Dr. Saint-Martin’s expertise. Although radiologists are somewhat behind the scenes, her work does not go unnoticed, as acclaimed physicians rely on her excellent work. Her interpretations of scans are known for being informed, thorough, and most importantly accurate. She has trained many residents and her teaching style is highly appreciated. She is also extremely knowledgeable about neurological disease processes and imaging techniques. This knowledge has improved the clinical skills of the neurosurgical staff and is invaluable to residents.

Dr. Saint-Martin is also known to go well beyond her job description, always putting the patient first. She tries to do MRIs without sedation and avoids the harmful radiation of CT scans when possible. She is known for staying up all night researching and she won’t stop until a case is properly diagnosed.

Dr. Saint-Martin is recognized beyond the Children’s doors, as doctors and patients from Quebec City and Sherbrooke depend on her skills.

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Dr. Nancy Braverman, recipient of the Pfizer Research Award of Excellence

Dr. Nancy Braverman is a medical geneticist and attending physician at the Children’s, as well as an associate professor in the Human Genetics and Pediatrics departments of McGill University. She was recruited in 2008 and is an outright pioneer in her field: a group of inherited disorders caused by defects in the genes responsible for the proper function of peroxisomes, important components of cells that help to metabolize lipids, or fatty acids.

She uses mouse models to study gene mutations and develop treatments that can help to prevent the degenerative progression of these diseases. She has also developed a patient registry that documents variation in disease outcomes to identify drugs and treatments that achieve the best outcome and quality of life for the patient. In short, she is striving to improve diagnostics, prognostics and treatment for patients across the globe.

As she brings her research from bench to bedside, her advances are having a meaningful impact on the children she treats. In addition to her clinical responsibilities and directing her research team, Dr. Braverman is actively involved with the Research Institute of the MUHC and serves on several internal committees. She also works with researchers across Canada, the United States, and Europe.

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Lynda Blanchette, recipient of the Provigo Professional Staff Award of Excellence

Lynda Blanchette has been part of the MCH team since 1986 and for the past 10 years, she has been a social worker for the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Division. According to her colleagues, “miracle worker” would be a more accurate title. The myriad of social issues that arise when children are diagnosed with a devastating illness is where Lynda really shines.

Lynda meets every new patient diagnosed with cancer and their families. She follows them through every step of their treatment. The key to Lynda’s success is establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust with the patients and families.

Entirely through her own initiative, Lynda developed a program to help children with nausea related to chemotherapy. She also partnered with Child Life Services to run a support group for siblings of cancer patients. Lynda’s holistic approach, dedication, professionalism and integrity are striking.


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Jean-Gilles Gadoury, recipient of the TD Nicolas W. Matossian Junior Community Award of Excellence

“When you’ve had several brushes with death, you realize how important it is to live life to the fullest and to savour every moment of it.” These wise words come from the mouth of a teenager.

At 9 years old, Jean-Gilles had a promising career as an actor ahead of him, until he hit a devastating roadblock: he was diagnosed with myelogenous leukemia. In his first week in the Hematology-Oncology unit, the young boy stayed curled up in his bed, his hands clenched as he trembled. His smile had faded. Then he discovered music therapy, and it was a revelation.

They hadn’t won the battle yet; Jean-Gilles needed a bone-marrow transplant to survive. But their optimism prevailed. While talking with his physician, Dr. David Mitchell, Jean-Gilles decided to record an album and donate the proceeds to the Children’s. Jean-Gilles went through another difficult period when he relapsed. He would need a second stem-cell transplant. His reaction? “We have to go back to the Children’s to get better, Mom.” Two years later, the young fighter remains an ambassador for the Children’s.

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Ines Gregorovic, recipient of the TFI International Administrative and Clinical Support Staff Award of Excellence

Ines Gregorovic is an administrative procedures specialist who has dedicated 26 years of service to the Children’s. Positive energy explodes out of Ines; no task is ever too challenging and no timeline is ever too short.

On a daily basis, Ines—the “silent superhero” as her colleagues like to call her—facilitates the work of over 200 healthcare professionals in the Allied Health Services, covering the needs of 11 different departments. She manages their budgets with laser precision while coordinating multi-software systems at the same time. She is involved with ensuring special funds are used efficiently, which has a direct impact on patient care. Furthermore, she is a mentor and trainer. She has taught over 300 people during her career and is the queen of demystifying complex processes, ensuring that staff are providing top-quality care to patients and their families.

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The Operating Room Booking (ORB) team, winner of the MCHF Teamwork Award of Excellence

Front row, left to right:
Riccardo De Ioris, Cynthia Boursiquot, Philippe Montesano
Back row from left to right:
Gabrielle Laderoute, Diane Corbeil, Anna Gravino, Michelina Iorio


The ORB team groups together seven professionals who now work in a shared space to book surgeries for urology, plastic surgery, general surgery, gastroenterology, otolaryngology (ENT) and ophthalmology. They also manage all of the data provided to the government.

This coordinated and harmonious group have significantly improved the booking process and hence the general well-being of patients and their families. Their greatest source of pride is reducing the surgical waiting lists of the various departments—some of them have even been cut in half.

There is now a better patient flow, better crosscoverage as they work different hours, and a more streamlined approach to booking beds, equipment and even surgeons.

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