You want to thank a staff member? Offer a Champions Pin!

Our front liners have been fighting this COVID-19 battle and protecting our most vulnerable and our community as a whole. Every day, they are our Champions, especially now.

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How to thank medical workers? 

If you would like to thank a particular staff member or department for their relentless efforts in providing exceptional care, you can thank them today by offering them a Children’s Champions pin.

When you honour your “Champion”, he or she will receive:

  • A certificate with his or her name and a personalized message from your family
  • A Champions Pin which he or she can wear proudly in your honour


How to order a Champion’s Pin?  

You can offer these pins by simply making a donation. All proceeds are designated to the Healthy Kids Fund at the Foundation which supports the Hospital’s clinical and research teams, providing treatments and services where they are needed most.

Thank YOU for your support. It helps to keep them going!

Offer a Pin

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