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Monthly Donor

Illness never takes a break. That’s why the young patients at The Children’s need you, month after month. Join the Circle of Hugs today and become a monthly donor. Thank you for being there for kids, 12 months a year!

Every month, your monthly donation helps:

  • provide state-of-the-art care to more than 65 premature and sick newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit;
  • treat over 50 young patients for concussions in the Trauma Centre;
  • support innovative research projects that will lead to cures for diseases that are still incurable today.

Become a monthly donor

With a donation of...


You allow 2 parents to eat in the Hospital cafeteria for a day.


You help cover a family's basic needs, such as groceries, medicine or school supplies.


You offer a month's parking to parents whose children need to visit the Hospital regularly.

« Making a monthly donation means helping sick children all year round. It's a simple way to support The Children's. And it's easy to set up and budget. As an accountant, I can tell you that a well-planned monthly donation has a small impact on donors' budgets, while having a big impact on the support offered to young patients and their families. All children deserve the best chance of a healthy life. »

Jasmin, member of the Circle of Hugs.

Become a monthly donor

Why choose monthly giving?

Maximize your impact

You'll maximize the impact of your gift by enabling the Foundation to be flexible and respond quickly to the needs of young patients and their families. You'll be making a long-term contribution to pediatric care.

Convenient and flexible

Pre-authorized monthly payments are a convenient way to make a donation, because you choose the amount of your gift and can spread it out over the year, making 12 small gifts instead of one large one.


You have complete control over your donation! You can increase, change or cancel your monthly donation at any time.


You'll be part of the Circle of Hugs, a community of people who, like you, believe that children don't belong in hospitals.

We'll keep you posted about your impact, because you're part of the team!

As a member of the Circle of Hugs, you will receive:

  • an annual tax receipt for all your donations;
  • an annual report showing the impact of your donation;
  • monthly e-mails informing you of the various advances made at The Children's;
  • two printed newsletters presenting the projects made possible thanks to you;
  • and lots of love from our young patients!

Thank you for being there for the young patients who need you!

Become a monthly donor