Why Zoë chose to celebrate by giving

The kids painted ceramic teacups, drinking juice out of wine glasses, and snacking on macaroons, all in the name of supporting the Allergy and Immunology Department at the Children’s.

For Zoë, the connection was even more personal. She grew up with a boy named Jake, who faced difficulties in daycare due to his milk and egg allergies. Zoë and her parents always made a point of keeping her birthday parties “Jake-friendly” throughout the years, so that he could safely attend. “I always taught Zoë that we don’t exclude people because it’s complicated,” says her mom, Sueann.

This year, Zoë thought, “Why not help kids like Jake?” Giving comes naturally to Zoë, who has donated her hair twice already. Zoë opened her first tribute fund in 2015, and has devotedly supported the hospital ever since, having been a patient herself once. “She really takes ownership of the gifts now,” says Sueann.

The young ambassador hopes that this year’s donation will help support other kids like Jake who live with severe allergies. She recognizes that his life is made complicated by his illness, and understands that his differences do not preclude him from being involved in the lives of others.

Zoë, a true inspiration to her friends, has already raised more than $2,600 since January 2015, with no plan to quit anytime soon! Kudos to you, Zoë!

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