Watch now: Cutting Edge video series

Introducing Cutting Edge, a video series celebrating The Children’s disruptors who are pushing the limits of pediatric medical knowledge through research, clinical care, technology evaluation and health education. Their goal -- to improve the lives of seriously ill children in Quebec and worldwide.

New episodes of the series will be published every two weeks.

Smart Hospital Project

In The Children’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, tiny newborns fight for their lives. Dr. Guilherme Sant’Anna and his team are harnessing the power of wireless technology, along with machine learning and artificial intelligence, to improve the health of these fragile patients. 


Giving Birth to Healthy Babies

The impact on the health of children born as a result of a complication during pregnancy is often significant and lasts a lifetime. Diseases are only diagnosed when they can no longer be prevented. To help reduce the risk of developing a complication and find new treatments, The Children's and the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre have launched a ground-breaking study.


The Children's Sleep Lab

Many children suffer from complex sleep disorders, which can lead to learning difficulties, attention deficit or hyperactivity, and developmental problems, among other things. To help optimize the care of young patients, The Children's has developed a multidisciplinary approach. Learn about the Pediatric Sleep Disorders Clinic and the innovative research on the microbiome and sleep disorders that was conducted during a space mission.

Le SPOT Montréal: Mental Health

The number of teenagers in distress has continued to grow. To offer these teens new hope, The Children's teams have created Le SPOT Montréal, a specialized mental-health centre for adolescents. Learn about Le SPOT Montréal, a project financed entirely by philanthropy and supported by Charlotte Cardin, singer-songwriter and ambassador for The Children's Foundation.

MIPOGG: An app to detect pediatric cancer

To help save the lives of children at risk of developing one or more cancers, an innovative app to detect and treat the disease earlier has been developed by The Children's Dr. Catherine Goudie and her colleagues. Learn more about the MIPOGG app, which is being used around the world and made possible by philanthropic funding.

Customized skull implants for our young patients

The Children’s is at the forefront of innovation by improving care for kids with severe craniofacial deformities. Our experts are now designing customized skull implants using a 3D printer, to fill cavities caused by disease, tumors or accidents. Learn about this revolutionary procedure developed by Dr. Mirko Gilardino, Director of the Craniofacial Surgery Unit, and his team, which helps avoid more painful surgeries for our young patients.

Teaching communication

To reassure parents and young patients, communicating with families in a proper and humane way is a priority for The Children's specialists. Dr. Preetha Krishnamoorthy has created an online course on communication and empathy for medical students at McGill University to better prepare future pediatric doctors. Learn more about this practice-based course, which could serve as a model for other Canadian medical schools.