The Foundation is proud to be part of an unprecedented Canada-wide movement to help more kids diagnosed with cancer

In Canada, cancer remains the leading cause of illness-related death in children. In an effort to accelerate research breakthroughs and ensure a faster path to a cure for children living with resistant, recurrent or metastatic cancer, more than 30 pediatric research centres and non-profit organizations are joining forces to support the PRecision Oncology For Young peopLE (PROFYLE) program, an initiative of the Terry Fox Research Institute – a project of over $16M! The idea is to create real-time molecular profiling to personalize treatment for patients with tumours that are difficult to treat with conventional therapy, no matter where they live in Canada. Karl, a little boy we previously talked about, is part of this project. Dr. Jabado His doctor, Dr. Nada Jabado, a senior scientist at the Research Institute of the MUHC and hematologist-oncologist at the Children’s, will act as the leader of the PROFYLE biomarker node. She works hand in hand with the CHU Ste-Justine. “I am proud of the synergy between our two teams in Quebec and of the expertise we’ve developed in studying genetic biomarkers that we can bring to this massive undertaking,” said Dr. Jabado. “Our goal is to find a cure for all children living with cancer, and with PROFYLE we are taking a giant leap forward. By sharing our knowledge and our know-how, we will maximize our chances of success in reaching out to children in need.” This initiative would not have been possible without our partners.