The Children's launches its Legacy Challenge

Let’s help generations of young patients become a little bratty again

If you want to make your mark and make a significant contribution to the future of young patients at The Children’s, we have a new challenge for you, for a limited time, and it’s one of a kind in Quebec. It’s called the Legacy Challenge, and it’s a new way of making a planned gift.

Learn more about the Legacy Challenge

Have you considered, or already taken steps to leave an estate gift to The Children’s?

Now is the right time to let us know what you intend to do. With the Legacy Challenge, you can help improve the care of young patients at The Children’s for many years to come and in various ways.

Best of all, by notifying us now of your legacy gift, 20% of its value (up to $200,000) goes immediately to one of The Children’s six priorities. This amount is not subtracted from your gift; it is added to its value and put to immediate use.

Your legacy will become the cornerstone of innovative programs and initiatives that promote the health, education, and well-being of future generations.

Le Children has established six priorities for which you can choose to give as part of the Legacy Challenge:

  • The Healthy Kids Fund
  • Innovation to Fuel the Medicine of Tomorrow
  • Enhancing The Children’s Healing Environment
  • Specialized Care for Quebec’s Sickest Children
  • The Best Care for Moms and their Babies
  • Behavioural and Mental Health

Your support and commitment are essential to sustain our mission and multiply our positive impact. Thank you for supporting the Children's!

Learn more about the Legacy Challenge