Proud to team up with 24h Tremblant!

The Children's Foundation is pleased to announce its new partnership with 24h Tremblant. Thanks to this event’s incredible support, The Children's young patients now, more than ever, have a major ally to help them regain their boundless energy.

A major fundraiser, 24h Tremblant has extended its support to all facets of pediatric care. As a result, even more sick children from across Quebec will benefit from the event’s generosity. 

At The Children's, the needs are immense in practically every department," says Renée Vézina, President of The Children’s Foundation. “Donations are critical. 24h Tremblant's donation to The Foundation comes at just the right time and will transform the lives of sick children by helping them regain their health and even allow them to be a little bratty again. Because we all know that a bratty kid is a healthy kid.”

Samuel, The Children's ambassador of 24h Tremblant

24h Tremblant allows children like Samuel, our event spokesperson, to benefit from cutting-edge care. The 10-year-old boy has come a long way. Having undergone brain surgery last February to end severe and debilitating epileptic seizures, Samuel is now seizure-free and has left his wheelchair behind as he's regained the ability to walk. It's thanks to The Children’s highly skilled staff and the support of generous donors like 24h Tremblant’s participants that The Children’s makes miracles happen every single day.

Long live 24h Tremblant and long live little brats!