Parents Show Their Appreciation… with Paul McCartney!

All you need is love: the true meaning of these words hit home for Mélanie and Patrick with their winning bid for a 12-seat luxury loge to see Paul McCartney at the Bell Centre on Thursday night. Who joined them on the big night? The staff at the Children’s who take such good care of their daughter.

Love was something they had all around them when they learned their 3-year-old girl, Roxanne, could die.

“We went to the Children’s to treat her bronchitis, but instead learned she needed a heart transplant,” Mélanie recalls. “We were in shock!”

Luckily, Roxanne got her transplant that same week.

“The personnel’s devotion to our daughter was incredible! Some of the nurses, like Eloisa and Clelia, were always there for us, and are still there today to ensure her well-being,” says Mélanie, adding her daughter also has Friedreich’s ataxia and type 1 diabetes. “And Dr. Barnes is always making her laugh. We decided to thank them in a special way!”

Mélanie and Patrick asked the doctors and nurses who cared for their daughter, who is now 15 years old, to join them to see the legendary Beatle in concert.

The result? A memorable evening and an act of gratitude that the Lalonde family and Children’s personnel won’t soon forget. Because sometimes, Love is all you need...

The auction benefited the Montreal Children’s Hospital. We’d like to thank Nova Steel fordonating the luxury suite, and CHOM 97 7, the auction’s official broadcaster, who helped raise $10,000 for the Montreal Children’s Hospital’s fellowship program to maintain the hospital’s reputation for innovation and cutting-edge care.

Absent from the photo: Dr Barnes

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