Let this generous couple inspire you

July 22, 2017 will be a memorable day for Pamela and Mathieu, and they have decided to share it with the kids at the Children’s. On July 22, Pamela and Mathieu will tie the knot. After their engagement celebration where each guest received a gift, they decided to do things differently for their wedding. Rather than offering the traditional “bomboniere” that would likely end up collecting dust, they chose to donate to a worthy cause. Their guests will receive a card with a special message that a generous donation was made in their name to help the young patients at the Children’s.

Pamela’s family was very supportive of the idea. “We spend a lot of money on ourselves, our guests, the entertainment, the photographer, the dress, and sometimes the best option is to donate instead of giving your guests a gift,” remarked the bride. “It shows you are thinking about them as well. It’s supposed to be your happiest day; you want to make that day happy for others as well.” The future spouses don’t have any kids and, thankfully, don’t know of any sick children in their families. Why the Children’s? “It was the logical choice,” said Pamela. “I’m a high school teacher, and I didn’t hesitate to choose the Children’s. I know I will directly help kids.” Each year, brides- and grooms-to-be make this significant gesture, for which we are forever grateful. Would you like to follow Pamela and Mathieu’s lead and make your special day even more meaningful? Contact Angelika or visit our dedicated webpage.