Most Urgent Needs Fund

Right now, in the midst of this crisis, there’s much uncertainty. It’s not yet clear how long it’s going to last or how many people it’s going to impact. But one thing is clear.

Our patients need your help more than ever before.

They need YOU to be there. WE need you to be there, to ensure sick children continue to receive the very best care – during this crisis and beyond.

Parents of sick children are already going through some of the hardest times of their lives. Now, when the only thing they should have to worry about is the health of their child, the pandemic has brought additional emotional and financial stress.

And that’s why the Children’s need your help.

I want to help sick children

While COVID-19 has created a new paradigm, the Children’s is determined to provide the best care in the world for our patients. Right now, your donation will provide the funds needed to:

Provide emergency funds for families financially devastated by their child’s illness or the pandemic. To learn more about the families you can help.

• Ensure the continuity of Child Life programs that make a hospital visit less scary. To learn how you can help.

• Prepare for an unprecedented surge in emergency mental health consultations. To learn more about this urgent need.

• Ensure the flexibility to meet the unexpected, critical needs whenever they arise

These are not normal times. Your gift today will help fund urgent priorities like these at the Children’s. Please give whatever amount you can afford so families can have the chance to focus on what’s most important: helping their child get better.

Thank you for considering our request.

Renée Vézina