The Tiny Tim Fund: A source of comfort for Jade’s family

Imagine struggling to make ends meet just to feed your family and keep a roof over your head, all while caring for a sick child during this pandemic.

Jade’s parents know this experience first-hand, and can thankfully count on vital financial assistance from the Tiny Tim Fund to help them through it.

Jade was born much too early. An extremely premature baby, she suffered from a number of medical complications, and has undergone two major surgeries already. So young and already so brave. Yet because she is so fragile, she has been hospitalized at the Children’s for an indefinite period.

With a five-year-old son at home, Jade’s mom was forced to stop working due to health problems. During the lockdown, the family lost their only breadwinner when their father found himself unemployed due to COVID-19. They have just enough to cover rent, leaving very little for meals and trips back and forth to the hospital to see Jade.

How do they manage to take care of their children? Because of YOU.

 Your generous contribution has helped the Tiny Tim Fund ease the burden on Jade's parents by helping them put food on the table and paying for their trips to the Children’s so they can lovingly care for their little fighter. Thank you for helping us provide for the basic needs of our young patients and their families in this time of crisis.

If your financial situation permits it, please help support families like Jade’s, allowing them to focus on what matters most: helping their child heal.

Your donation will fund urgent priorities like those supported by the Tiny Tim Fund for Children.