Mental health: young patients like Elly need your help

It’s a sad reality: Since the start of the pandemic, 35% more youth facing mental health challenges.

But thanks to generous people like you, the medical teams at The Children’s can support young patients and their families, so that they can get control over the disease.

I’m thinking about Elly, a teen who loves swimming, figure skating and volleyball. One day, she could hardly walk as she accompanied her mother on errands. Because she worked out too hard? Because she was injured? Actually, Elly was exhausted because she was suffering from severe anorexia.

Isolated at home because of the pandemic, Elly decided to drastically reduce her food intake. Her fear: Gaining weight because of a sedentary lifestyle. She lost 50 pounds.

Elly’s mental state put her life in danger. Imagine, when she was admitted to The Children’s, she was on the brink of heart and kidney failure. For two weeks, the 14-year-old teen required intravenous rehydration, was force fed through a tube inserted in her nose and throat and had to be monitored even during bathroom trips to ensure she wasn’t making herself vomit.

And the worst was yet to come.

Reprogramming the brain. Rebuilding self-esteem. Learning self-love. All of that takes years. That’s the power of the mind. An underestimated and destructive force when we’re in an upset state.

More than ever, children in despair are suffering in silence. That’s why your support is crucial. By donating today, you’ll allow The Children’s to continue improving essential services for youth in distress.

By supporting The Children’s, you help ensure that each child benefits from a personalized treatment plan. You allow our team of experts to maintain effective relationships with schools, parents and community resources.

Because to succeed, everyone in the youth’s life must be involved.
You’ve surely heard of Le SPOT, an external clinic which opened last March to support hundreds of teens in suicidal crisis annually. The SPOT has been funded 100% by generous donors like you! It’s a shining example of what we can accomplish thanks to the community’s generosity.

In addition to teens like Elly who are suffering from eating disorders, the experts at The Children’s treat adolescents suffering from issues like severe ADHD, a first psychotic episode, and autism that has not been adequately treated.

Each of these young people need your support. Help them and all other young patients at The Children’s benefit from cutting-edge services and programs!

We’ve all experienced highs and lows. In our most difficult moments, a message of hope can make all the difference. Donate to The Children’s today to tell these kids: “Don’t give up. Better days will come.”

As for Elly, she’s doing better. She speaks openly about her condition to inspire others to get help. And she’s working on getting past her fear of eating “bad” foods like pizza. She’s not completely healed, but with your support, she’s on the right path.

Thank you for being there for Elly and all the other youth who receive care at The Children’s. Your donation saves lives.

Renée Vézina
President, The Children’s Foundation