Major commitment from the Fondation Charles-Bruneau

If Simon-Luc has such a promising future, it is primarily thanks to research. Diagnosed with a ganglioglioma, a brain tumor that is usually difficult to remove, he participated in an experimental treatment led by Dr. Nada Jabado. Today, his tumor has decreased by 75% and he can now travel and do what he likes most: being a DJ.

Research is a vital part in the evolution of treatments, and we are pleased to be able to count on a major partner: the Charles-Bruneau Foundation. They have committed $ 4 million over five years to cancer research at the Montreal Children's Hospital. This announcement was made at the Hospital, in front of Dr. Jabado and her laboratory members, Simon-Luc and his family, and members of the Children's Hospital and Foundation.

We are pleased to count on this extraordinary commitment that will improve the quality of life of hundreds of sick children.

Dr. Nada Jabado and Pierre Bruneau

Simon-Luc and his family

The Fondation Charles-Bruneau