Heal. Love. Bond.

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Three little words that mean a lot for sick children and their families. Three big words at the heart of the work being done at the Children’s. And three incredible results of your support. Healing is the Hospital’s mission: to ease children’s suffering and save their lives.

The love that flows throughout the Hospital; your love for sick children and their families, the love a family has for their child, and the love the staff have for their jobs and for their young patients. And the unbreakable bond that this healing and love create between you, the Hospital staff, and our patients and their families.

These words and the values they represent are so important that we decided it was time to incorporate them into the Foundation’s very visual identity. We want the world to know how you have helped make the Children’s such a special and unique place.

A new logo to show what people like you can accomplish

Representing the figure of a child, our logo has three elements: a single band-aid to represent the Hospital’s core mission to heal children, ease their suffering and save lives; a band-aid heart to represent the love that fl ows between our patients and those who support them. Joined together, they form an icon that represents the bond that exists between you, our patients and their families, and the Hospital.