The #GivingTuesday campaign is over, but there's no expiration date for your generosity. Give by December 31st and P.K. Subban will match it dollar for dollar.*

The Holidays are arriving fast and many families of sick children will have no choice but to spend them at the Children's rather than at home with their relatives. Worse, families like Loïc's will need financial support to help them get through this difficult challenge.

No parent should have to worry about money when their child is sick.

But now, you can help twice as much, thanks to P.K. Subban's generosity!

You will provide relief to more than 600 families like Loïc's and allow them to devote all their energy to their sick.

Loïc and his mother needed this help. The teenager, now a familiar face because of his unique bond with P.K., said these wise words: "Giving puts everyone on an equal footing."

Your donations will help families in a substantial way

For example, by giving

  • $25, you will give a family access to cable television for a week
  • $50, you will give a family a meal at the Hospital
  • $85, you will give a family one night in a hotel
  • $100, you will give a family food vouchers for groceries
  • $200, you will give a family a holiday basket

And do not forget, your donation will be worth twice as much thanks to P.K..

* up to $250,000