An Easy Way to Make a Big Difference

Terry Tretiak Terry Tretiak and his wife, Claude Lebel, have two young children who received care at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. To express their gratitude they historically donated to the hospital’s foundation with cash donations but realized that they could optimize their donations if they donated by way of a gift of shares. A gift of shares is one of the easiest and most tax-effective ways of donating. Individuals who donate shares to a charity are entitled to claim a tax deductionand are not taxed on the capital gains. “We called the Montreal Children’s Foundation to find out more about the process and then received an email from the person who handles gift of shares at the foundation,” recalls Terry.  “We forwarded that email to our investment advisor and over the phone identified which shares we should donate. It was a very simple process. Everything was done in less than two weeks!” Terry and Claude’s experience demonstrates that a donation of shares is an easy process that requires a minimum of time and planning.  This is why they’ve repeated the experience numerous times over the years. “We’ve seen firsthand the care provided to patients at the Children’s and this is our small way to show our appreciation for the wonderful care provided to our children and to say thank you!” said Claude.  “It’s not only the equipment bought with major donations that makes a difference.  There are a lot of little things that marked us over the years, from paying for taxis after treatment or paying for parking for those children that undergo regular treatment.” All donations are welcome as they make a difference – from the smaller gestures mentioned above to buying cutting-edge medical equipment, supporting innovative programs and research into childhood diseases or helping in the advancement of teaching.  By donating shares, Terry and Claude have made the journey of children at the hospital a little bit brighter and easier.