An Affordable Way to Have a Big Impact!

“A gift of a life insurance policy provides a significant future donation for a relatively modest investment.”
Sharon Bradwell, donor to the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation

Sîan was only a few months old when her parents, Ken and Sharon Bradwell, were informed that their little daughter had a rare form of cancer. Despite chemotherapy treatment, surgeries and radiation, Sîan passed away at the age of 17 months.

In her honour, the Bradwells created the Sîan Bradwell Fund and conducted fundraising events to purchase medical equipment for the Children’s. The grateful parents established an endowment fund to ensure that support for kids with cancer continues. And to contribute more to the endowment, they purchased a $100,000 life insurance policy. “Giving through an insurance policy is a gift that lasts as long as the Hospital exists,” says Sharon. “It enables you to keep giving every year, long after you’re gone.”

Contrary to popular belief, making a gift of a life insurance policy is not only for wealthy people; it is accessible and affordable. “Life insurance premiums are cheapest if you start young. And you can choose to pay premiums over a shorter or longer period of time,” outlines Sharon.

In addition to helping improve the quality of life of young patients and their families, charitable gifts of life insurance provide other advantages - they come with income tax benefits (in your lifetime or for your estate) and do not affect what you leave behind in your will for your loved ones.

“It’s a great way to leave a gift that really does keep on giving, and it will make you feel good too because you are helping those in need and who cannot help themselves,” adds Sharon.

Thinking of giving to the Children’s Foundation through a life insurance policy? Find out more by contacting Samar El Soufi or Susan Elias.