A well-deserved honour for Loïc, an inspiring patient of the Children's

Loïc, a young patient at the Children’s who suffers from a rare genetic disease that slows his development, continues to meet every challenge he faces. Having recently graduated high school, he is the first kid to successfully complete his schooling from his hospital room, where he has been cared for since 2012.

In recognition of his accomplishments, Loïc received Quebec's Medal of the National Assembly and a Fonds 1804 pour la persévérance scolaire scholarship. His friends at the Children's and at the Foundation celebrated, with him, this well-deserved honour!

Our spokesperson P.K. Subban, who has forged a strong bond with the young patient over the years, also congratulated him on his success.

P.K. and Loïc: A Friendship That Stands the Test of Time… and Distance!

It’s a must! Whenever P.K. is in town, he always makes time to stop by the Children's.

“Loïc was one of the first kids I met at the Children’s, and one of the first I built a relationship with. He’s an amazing young man. Regardless of his mood or condition, he’s bursting with energy. I always look forward to seeing him,” says P.K.

This determined young man also has good things to say about his friend P.K.: “When he comes, we talk and give each other high fives. I like P.K. a lot. He’s always smiling. He gives me courage and hope.”

There’s mutual admiration among the two friends. Their bond is so strong that Loïc, who consistently beats P.K. at video games (but shhh, don’t tell anyone), never hesitates to give him hockey advice. “I’m a Montreal Canadiens fan. Despite that, I’ve always followed P.K.’s career with interest, even though he was traded and wears a rival team’s jersey,” he says with a smile.

Even from a distance, these buddies expect to keep in touch. P.K. had these words for him: “As Loïc would say, ‘In life, you have to take it one day at a time.’ Loïc, buddy, I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished and overcome. Every year that goes on, I look forward to re-connecting with you and promise to come and visit you in Montreal soon!”

Because of loyal Children’s donors like you, Loïc has received exceptional care and can count on a team of medical experts who work like champions every day. Thanks for giving Loïc and other young patients the best quality of life possible. As P.K. says: “Your support helps us change the game.”