Charlotte Cardin is the new Special Ambassador of The Children's Music Therapy Program

In addition to being one of The Foundation's ambassadors, singer-songwriter and performer Charlotte Cardin is the Special Ambassador of our Music Therapy Program.

During a tour of The Children’s last November, Montreal native Charlotte Cardin came upon Pascal Comeau, a Children’s music therapist strumming his guitar for a toddler confined to a crib while undergoing dialysis. Intrigued, Charlotte stopped to watch and listen. She asked a lot of questions about the program and its benefits to the health and well-being of The Children's patients. This was the birth of the idea she be named the Special Ambassador of The Children’s Music Therapy Program to help spread the word about the value and benefits of music therapy.

As Special Ambassador, Charlotte will participate in music therapy sessions at The Children’s, particularly those tailored to teens struggling with mental health issues. Charlotte confides music was an outlet that helped her cope with the ups and downs of her teenage years.

“My visit to The Children’s stirred many emotions in me. When I discovered the Music Therapy Program, I knew exactly how I could help the sick children of Quebec,” said Charlotte. “Today so many preteens and teens struggle with mental health issues. I can relate to what they are going through. For me, music is the most wholesome way I've found of letting go, drowning out the noise and staying grounded in truth. I am honoured to be named Special Ambassador of The Children’s Music Therapy Program. I look forward to sharing the gift of music with the kids."

“Music therapy is just one of the many programs that make The Children’s a leader in creating a special healing environment for the sick children of Quebec,” said Renée Vézina, President of The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. We are thrilled Charlotte has agreed to be the program’s Special Ambassador. She will have a positive influence on so many of our young patients. Thank you!"

This program is an integral part of a child’s or adolescent’s medical care whether the challenges faced are physical or psychological.

A young patient of The Children's, Ella, and a music therapist performed one of their own compositions to announce Charlotte's new role as Special Ambassador of the Music Therapy Program.