Caramel is the zero-G indicator of AX-1 mission to the International Space Station!

The private astronauts aboard Axiom Space’s Ax-1 mission to the International Space Station (ISS) are now back on Earth. During the mission, they used a unique, ‘high-tech’ tool to gauge the moment the spacecraft escapes gravity’s bond. Caramel, the mascot of The Children’s Foundation was the mission’s adorable zero-gravity or zero-G indicator. Caramel joined a prestigious group of zero-G indicators, including Snoopy, Buzz Light Year, Smokey Bear and Olaf from Frozen.


Watch Caramel in space:

Commemorate Ax-1’s historic voyage to the ISS by making a donation to The Children’s Foundation and receive a souvenir of the mission’s zero-G indicator Caramel. In addition, you will receive an official Ax-1 mission patch.

Live from the International Space Station

Some of our patients had the chance of a lifetime. They were able to interview Ax-1 astronaut Mark Pathy, who answered questions live from the International Space Station, some 420 kilometres up. Watch the event here: 

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Make a donation to get AX-1 mission souvenirs

Make a donation of $200 or more to The Children’s Foundation to get your very own replica of Caramel, the Ax-1 zero-G indicator. You will also receive a historic Ax-1 patch. Each Caramel comes with a signed letter of authenticity.


Quantities are limited: 1,000 Caramel are available now and beyond that, delivery is to be expected in the fall. Delivery to Canada and the U.S. only. For deliveries to other countries, please contact us at

Your donation will advance pediatric research at The Children’s and help sick children worldwide.