Donald Berman Foundation

Hope helped young Liam get through 427 days in the Montreal Children’s Hospital - an eternity for an 8-year-old boy waiting for a new heart. But the wait was worth it: last July, Liam got his transplant. No one can predict the future, and for hospitalized children it is even more uncertain. At any moment, a young patient might need an unexpected treatment that could be the difference between life and death.

For sick children and their families, hope can mean having access to cutting-edge equipment, renowned specialists and innovative programs. To achieve this, we rely on the generosity of individuals, companies and our partner foundations.

That’s why we are proud to announce an unprecedented $5,000,000 donation from the Donald Berman Foundation to the Healthy Kids Fund, which helps to meet our young patients’ most urgent needs.

A supporter of various local causes, the Donald Berman Foundation has contributed more than $5.7 million to the Children’s over the past few years. To honour this generous donation, the Hospital has proudly inaugurated the “Entrée Donald Berman Entrance” on the main floor.

“Donald Berman supported many important causes over the course of his life. He loved nothing more than to put a smile on children’s faces and help bring joy to their lives,” says David Muller, a director of the Donald Berman Foundation.

We thank the Donald Berman Foundation, for giving the hospital flexibility and resources to better meet its most urgent needs. And for giving hope to Liam, Rachel, Stefano, Mario, and thousands of other sick children who depend on the Children's everyday.

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