Sîan Bradwell Fund

One of the Children’s longest-standing community partners, the Sian Bradwell Fund has been raising money for the Children’s since 1986. Sian (pronounced “SHAHN”) was diagnosed on May 1st, 1985 with a primitive neuroectodermal tumour in her liver, spine and foot. Despite an intensive course of radiation treatment, Sian sadly passed away in March 1986, at the age of 17 months. Her parents, Sharon and Ken, soon after began putting their efforts into raising money to change the lives of other children diagnosed with cancer. They celebrated 30 years of fundraising in 2019.

The main objective of the Fund is to purchase medical equipment and other necessities for better diagnosis and treatment of children with cancer. Through softball, bowling, & basketball events, as well as an endowment fund to ensure support for sick children in perpetuity, and an incredible amount of community support, over $1.48 million has been donated to the Children’s. Thank you!

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