Who is Jean-Gilles?

You may have heard his dynamic voice in a radio ad with P.K. Subban, and you've surely seen him on one of many TV shows. Jean-Gilles is a young actor and singer, and he's brimming with talent. He's also a patient at the Children's. For the past 3 years, he's been fighting a deadly form of acute leukemia.

Instead of celebrating the new year like everyone else, Jean-Gilles spent December 31, 2014, in isolation at the Children's to start the process for a bone-marrow transplant he was getting a few days later. The experience inspired him to give back so he could help other hospitalized kids fighting disease. On Valentine's Day, he launched his album Vivre, an idea he got after talking with his physician Dr. David Mitchell. Unfortunately, last May, Jean-Gilles learned he had relapsed and had to undergo a second stem cell transplant. Jean-Gilles is what you call a fighter. Thank you to this charming young boy and his mother for taking the cause of sick children to heart.