Trick and treat

Making sick kids at the Children's forget that they cannot go out for Halloween, now that's a treat! See the special Halloween party that was thrown for them. It warms our hearts to see healthy kids help our patients. #trickandtreat

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Thank you to:

  • École Saint-Barthélemy students
  • École de Montarville student choir
  • Our spokesperson, P.K. Subban
  • Abadi, Ainsley, Alexandre, Arvile, Billy, David, Gabriel, Isabella, Jérémy, Joshua, Lohan, Maddison, Marie-Hawa, Mila, Naomi, Nathan, Peggy, Rachel, Robert, Rosalia and their parents
  • Cossette
  • Gorditos
  • MELS
  • Studio La Majeure
  • Karl & Paul Maco
  • Tiana Malone