Thanks to you, Arya defies all odds

As a parent, I want to tell you what a difference your support makes to a family like mine. When Arya had to have two open-heart surgeries before she even turned 1, knowing that someone like you wanted to help was the greatest gift in the world!


My baby Arya was still in the womb when we discovered that her heart wasn’t developing normally, and she also had a cleft lip and palate. She’d have to undergo at least two, if not three, open-heart surgeries at a very young age.

Arya was a mere 13 days old when she underwent her first open-heart surgery. She was the size of a small water bottle.

I was a disaster! But because of you, The Children’s staff was there for me. I remember upon seeing my anguished face, Dr. Vincent Collard told me, “Don’t worry, I’ll care for her like she’s my own.”

After 53 days, Arya came home for the very first time but we knew the battle had just begun due to her complex medical case. To better prepare ourselves, we learned to care for her specific needs thanks to the help of The Children’s Complex Care Team. Thankfully, the nurses were always one phone call away.

When Arya went in for her second surgery at 9 months old, we knew she was in good hands. But while the surgery went well, it seemed like my baby couldn’t catch a break!

A few days before being discharged, Arya looked feverish. We called in her heart surgeon. After examining her, Dr. Pierre-Luc Bernier told us that she had a severe infection. True to his habit, he said the words “emergency intervention” ever so calmly.

Once again, we were rolling with the punches. But we knew we were well supported! We knew you were there!

Arya is now 7 and she still faces so many challenges. She is tube-fed, developmentally delayed and suffers from scoliosis, psoriasis amongst others. The Complex Care team has played a vital role in helping us navigate through the countless appointments with different specialists. With their guidance, we continue to have the tools and resources to be able to care for Arya at home, which has allowed us to spend more time as a family.

Thanks to your donation, families like ours benefit from the very best in their field, experts with whom we can trust. Moreover, you encourage a culture of family-centered care where everyone strives to empower you and your child through these very trying times. We count on you to renew your gift.


As The Children’s continues to follow Arya, all we wish for her, and her brother, is that they reach their full potential, whatever that may be.

Thank you for standing with us.

Sharon, Arya’s mom