#StrongerTogether thanks to our nurses

Even in times of crisis, the brave and smiling faces of Children's nurses have not changed. On the front lines and behind the scenes, our patients and families can feel reassured, even in the face of a new confusing reality, thanks to them.

This National Nursing Week, we celebrated the incredible strength of the Children's 800 nurses who care for our young patients and their families every day with compassion, flexibility and resilience.

Memorable moments for our nurses during the pandemic

To ensure a special and creative send-off for Marie Gale, a nurse clinician in the Hematology-Oncology Day Treatment Centre after 35 years of service at the Children's, her peers organized a creative applause-line in her honor. When you can't shake a colleague's hand or hug her to wish her a happy retirement, applause, music and laughter are also great options!

Nursing colleagues in the Children’s Emergency Department nurses also took some time out of their shift to celebrate Natalie Champagne, who recently obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. An impromptu graduation ceremony was held at the hospital to salute the courage and determination of this mother of four, who was able to balance studying with pregnancy and a full work schedule to continue caring for sick children. An accomplishment that demonstrates a real commitment to the Children’s community.

Throughout the year, our nurses touch the lives of countless vulnerable young patients and families, and they work tirelessly to ensure everyone's safety and well-being. Do you know a Nursing Champion?  Express your gratitude by joining the movement Together, let’s feed our Champions!