Pediatric Emergency Mental Health Fund

Sometimes a comforting voice, a familiar face is the next best thing.

Can you imagine being a young child or youth right now in the current climate of constant worry and fear? Can you imagine being the parent of a teen already struggling with their mental health?

Our psychiatric team tells us that the COVID-19 pandemic can present an unprecedented mental health crisis. We are already seeing the signs

How do we reach those in desperate need? Those vulnerable teens and children who need our help even more right now -- with their lives completely turned upside down?

How do we help those who are quarantined, or isolated? How do we reach out our hand when we aren’t supposed to touch? How do we show them they’re not alone?

Thankfully, we know the answer!

And YOU are a big part of it. You can help today by supporting our Pediatric Emergency Mental Health Fund.

Your donation to the Pediatric Emergency Mental Health Fund will help provide:
- resources our psychiatric teams need to provide a full range of emergency and crisis services remotely
- training materials for front line pediatricians in the community.
- Research to provide new treatments specially adapted for children and teens

1 in 5 children will suffer from a mental illness before graduating high school. With this crisis, we predict the situation will only get worse. If your financial situation allows, you can help alleviate their suffering.

Please give to The Children’s Pediatric Emergency Mental Health Fund today.