P.K. Subban touches the lives of over 9,000 families during the first year of his commitment to the Montreal Children’s Hospital

P.K. Subban

In the first year of his 7-year, $10 million commitment to the Montreal Children’s Hospital, star defenceman P.K. Subban and his foundation, the P.K. Subban Foundation, contributed $1.4 million to P.K.’s Helping Hand, his fund at the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation dedicated to assisting vulnerable families financially devastated by a child’s illness. “This past year, I have seen first-hand how tough a child’s illness can be on a family, both emotionally and financially,” says P.K. Subban. “Their courage at one of the worst times in their lives is inspiring and I feel privileged to be able to help in any way that I can.” Projects currently funded by P.K.’s Helping Hand touch the lives of more than 9-thousand families a year and provide an array of support: housing for out-of-town families, parking, meal vouchers, gift cards for groceries, and other basic expenses, as well as extraordinary financial aid for families facing serious hardships. P.K.’s Helping Hand also provides families with support for expensive medical necessities not covered by the government: costly medication, home equipment and supplies for kids with respiratory problems, bone-anchored hearing aids, mandibles for craniofacial patients, family-based treatment for eating disorders, books for underprivileged families, and educational and play materials for occupational therapy, autism and other areas. Thanks to P.K.’s Helping Hand, parents of seriously ill children in neonatal and pediatric intensive care benefit from a host of support services, and premium TV and Wi-Fi hotspots in patient rooms throughout the hospital are available to patients free of charge. “A child’s illness is a very stressful time for families and parental stress can have a significant effect on a child’s health outcome,” says Martine Alfonso, associate president and executive director, McGill University Health Center. “The initiatives that P.K.’s supports, which touch almost every area of the hospital, help to reduce that stress and give parents the freedom to focus on what is most important: helping their child get well.” In addition to being a major donor and fundraiser for the Children’s, Subban also serves as spokesman for the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation (MCHF) and is a member of the organization’s board of directors. “P.K.’s energy, drive and philanthropic vision have brought a new level of excitement and community support to our fundraising efforts,” says Jonathan Amiel, MCHF board chairman. “P.K. has proven that he is a game changer, both on and off the ice. Despite his move to Nashville, he will remain an important asset to the Foundation and to our Board.”

P.K. Subban with kids

Subban promises that leaving Montreal will not affect his pledge to the patients and families of the Children’s. “Just because I have a new address doesn’t mean my commitment to the Children’s patients and families will change. I will never stop fundraising or raising awareness for them and I’ll be back for many more surprise visits.”