Ottawa donor takes up the fundraising torch, inspired by P.K. Subban

Yesterday, the Montreal Children’s Hospital received a very special visit to the P.K Subban Atrium; Ottawa physician Dr. Charles Kowalski made official his $250 000 donation to the Children’s Foundation. Dr. Kowalski, better known as Dr. CK, began a campaign to support P.K.’s Helping Hand by publishing a full-page letter in the Gazette thanking the award-winning defenseman for his work on behalf of Quebec’s sick children. Dr. CK had initially announced a donation of $50,000 but changed his mind after receiving a call from P.K. to thank him for his generosity. The doctor and his family then decided to increase their donation to a quarter of a million dollars and they hope that they will inspire other people to step forward to give P.K.’s Helping Hand their own helping hand. “I am a big fan of P.K.’s and while I know he has promised to continue to support the kids at the Children’s, I believe it will be more of a challenge for him to do this from Nashville,” says Dr. CK. “It is important to my wife and I that the patients do not pay the price for his move to another city and we encourage P.K.’s fans everywhere to follow our lead and support his efforts.” Dr. CK also donated his 2016-2017 Montreal Canadiens season tickets to the hospital’s patients and their families to help lift their spirits. “Helping others is not a one man job,” says P.K. Subban, “and obviously Dr. Kowalski and his family are very special. This doesn’t happen every day… I am completely blown away by their generosity and contribution to my foundation and the Montreal Children’s Hospital. I hope that this donation will continue to inspire others to pay it forward!”