What's more fun than a Cruise?

They’ve been going at it for the past 22 years and still know how to party! The Andy Collins Funday is a golf tournament with a festive spin. This year, they are back with another crazy theme: Rhythm and Blues Cruise. In a room decorated like a cruise ship, you are invited to dress up and to celebrate until the wee hours. Save the date: the event takes place onJuly 7th, at the Manoir des Sables in Orford. The day starts on the golf course. All profits go to the Children’s. Don't miss the boat! Honouring the legacy of Andy Collins The organizers chose to honour the legacy of Andy Collins by sharing his passion for children ans the finer things in life. This lovable group of friends has accomplished the unthinkable: they have raised more than $3.6 million to benefit the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Andy would have been proud. ‘’Doubtless, he is keeping a watch on us somewhere.’’ For more information about Andy Collins for Kids: andycollinsforkids.ca