Matt Holubowski performs a lullaby version of Exhale/Inhale 

Who wouldn’t get goosebumps when Matt Holubowski sings the first notes of his song “Exhale/Inhale” to a patient in the Children’s?

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Matt instantly created a lovely and caring moment in the hospital room. Listen to his voice and let yourself be lulled to sleep.

Ludovick Bourgeois sings one of his father’s hit songs

Four-year old Louis knows a lot of things most children his age don’t know: he knows about immune deficiency, bone marrow, and transplants. And he knows that his little brother, Theodore, was just eleven months old when he helped save Louis’ life by donating his bone marrow. Did the transplant work? It took several anxiety-ridden months to find out for sure… Time moved slowly and the treatment worked its magic. In the spring, the family got the green light to resume a normal life.

At bedtime, Louis winds down from a busy day at daycare with a soothing leg massage from his mom, who ends the nightly ritual with tender hugs and kisses. As he slowly drifts off to sleep, Louis clutches his blankie and his beloved stuffed donkey, 'Bourricot', while his musical monkey plays his favourite lullabies. Another day ends, and new adventures await. Sleep tight, little Louis!

Charlotte Cardin tucks Rachel in bed

Rachel was born with a congenital heart disease and very often, the Children's has been her second home. She has spent countless nights in the hospital because of a fragile heart. Rachel’s heart beats with one single ventricle, an abnormality known as tricuspid atresia.

At bedtime, Rachel enjoys laying down beside her mom Karolyn with her precious blankie in hand as she falls asleep to the sound of her favourite princess music. Charlotte Cardin enters her magical world and sings her a lullaby worthy of the most beautiful fairy tales. Good night, Rachel!