Little Naila's heroic battle

In October 2023, concerned about their little girl's persistent symptoms, Naila’s parents went to see her pediatrician, Dr. Manon Allard at The Children’s.

Initially treated for a strep infection, Naila was feeling better after taking antibiotics. Sometime later, the family went to see a movie, but during the screening, Naila complained of a terrible headache and begged her parents to leave. Her parents took her to The Children's, where Dr. Allard sent her for further testing when they discovered that Naila had a brain tumour. The tumour was removed the next day, but unfortunately, it was cancer.

Naila has been in the Hospital since November 10th and has undergone numerous sessions of chemotherapy, which have left her tired and weak. Despite this, her mother Vanessa says she has been amazing and courageous, never complaining about her time in the Hospital. Naila's family has a long way to go, but thanks to the doctors and staff at The Children's, their daughter is receiving the best possible care. Thanks to your support, Naila's family feels cared for and supported by The Children’s amazing staff.