The Children's launches the first-ever Tannant d’avril

For many of us, April 1st is April Fool’s Day or, for our francophone friends, the Poisson d’avril. This official day of pranks is the brattiest day of the year. Consequently, it is the perfect day to celebrate our little brats.

Therefore, the Foundation declares April 1st to be Tannant d’avril, the world day for little brats. We invite you to join us in celebrating the mischief of Quebec's children.

Because we all know that a bratty kid is a healthy kid!

Discover the tidal wave of fish at the Hospital and other surprises throughout the day, all over Montreal:

Our young patients took advantage of April 1st, the brattiest day of the year, to play some pranks and have fun. 😜

Notre Tannant d'avril à l'Hôpital

Our Tannant d’avril took the city by storm! 🐠 We plastered fish (the Tannant d’avril, of course!) all over Montreal to celebrate our little brats.
Thank you to our generous partners, Astral, Quebecor, and all the advertisers who played along with us. 

Have you ever seen little brats invade a grocery store? 👀 Check out what our little brats did at Maxi.

Thank you for celebrating the mischievous side of kids in Quebec with us, and for helping make sure that all children have the chance to be a little bratty.