Even Superheroes Need a Mask.

At 4 years old, Evan has already undergone three open-heart surgeries. At birth, he had a hole in the wall separating his heart’s ventricles and only his right ventricle functioned.It was a very serious situation. Evan is doing much better today thanks to the exceptional care he received at the Children's.

But Evan is still fragile and must return to the hospital regularly for medical follow-ups. His parents are obviously very anxious. What if after, after everything he’s been through, after all the days spent in his little bed fighting to get better, what if Evan contracted COVID-19?

The truth is, he might not survive.

The threat of the virus is very real for our young patients and their families. That's why I'm telling you this story.

One of the questions parents ask when they must come to the Hospital is “is it safe?”

The answer is that Hospital has increased its already strict infection control measures to protect patients and families from the risks associated with Covid-19.

And, because it is now everyone’s responsibility to wear a mask in closed public spaces, we want more than ever to ensure that every patient and parent receive a free hospital approved, appropriately sized mask while at the Children’s. In order for this to happen, we need your support. That’s why we launched the We can all be Superheroes campaign. We are already a third of the way toward our goal of raising $1 million dollars.

$10 = 1 mask

A mask can't protect us from everything. But it does make us all stronger.

Thank you, on behalf of our sick children and their families.

Renée Vézina