Easing grief one heartbeat at a time

The death of a child is the ultimate tragedy. The Children’s music therapists offer grieving parents a precious gift: a song set to the rhythm of their child's heartbeat.

"A heartbeat is a gentle, comforting sound that immediately puts parents in touch with a lost child in an intimate way," says Christelle Jacquet, a Children’s music therapist.

Thanks to donors like you who fund the Heartbeat Program, The Children’s music therapists can now record an ailing child's heartbeat with an electronic stethoscope. Then, they play a song chosen by the family and superimpose the heartbeat. The range of pieces produced is broad - from lullabies to hard rock - making each recording a unique tribute.

"In music therapy, rhythm is the basis of life. Sharing your heartbeat is powerful," adds Pascal Comeau, another Children’s music therapist.

"I recorded the heartbeat of a woman in oncology, who was going to pass away after giving birth," Christelle recalls. “Mom found solace knowing part of her would continue to exist for her child and dad confided the recording helped him grieve and was a precious memory he shared with his daughter.”

On another occasion, when a child’s death was imminent, Christelle was called to record his heartbeat. She stayed with the family and played music until the end. The family said this helped them to let go of their child.

Soothing broken hearts

"The ability to listen to our son James' heartbeat soothed our broken hearts and helped us heal," affirms Kristen, a mum who has benefited from the service. Your generous donations make this program possible. We are grateful for your support.