Dads are superheroes too!

Dads of The Children's

This Father’s Day weekend, The Children’s will welcome hundreds of vulnerable young patients and their families.

While you are honouring your dad or step-dad, or thinking about all the values that he passed on to you, our little superheroes will be bravely fighting against illness.

Dads are superheroes too. You can make this Father’s Day even more significant: Honour your father with a gift in his name to the Healthy Kids Fund to help sick children live their best lives.


Your donation will not only ensure that a sick child receives the cutting edge care he or she urgently needs, but you’ll be cheering on the amazing dads who are right now helping a child through the hardest moments of their lives. After all, what more could a father ask for than the health of their child?

In the name of our little, and not so little, superheroes, thank you sincerely!