Back on skates after being paralyzed by cancer

In January 2023, 14-year-old Émile faced a sudden and challenging diagnosis of diffuse large-B cell lymphoma. The whole team mobilized and Émile received immediate treatment at The Children's, undergoing intensive radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

The lymphoma compressed the spinal cord, causing paralysis in both his legs. Fortunately, this paralysis lasted only two days, as his doctors indicated that any longer would have resulted in permanent paraplegia. After months of rehabilitation, Émile reached a remarkable milestone: he courageously learned to walk again in April 2023.

Today, at nearly 16, Émile is embracing life with renewed vigor. He's back to his busy teenage life - from school to hockey, to spending precious time with his loved ones. After receiving the go-ahead from his doctors, he had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii last summer with his family.

Émile's story is a testament to the incredible impact of your generosity. With your continued support, we can help more children like Émile overcome adversity and embark on brighter futures. Thank you for always being there for our young patients and their families.